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Google Plus new user interface and also attributes outstanding

Google Plus interface as well as many new impressions popular function. Vic Gundotra revealed some significant modifications. These modifications consist of:

- Home modify the flow display screen
- Google Hangouts to chat, share pictures fiction, and also execute complimentary calls between two people or with a group.
- Image: make your images look far better with data backup features business and image quality.

1. Google Plus personal web page

Google Plus automatically updates the brand-new short article, there a blue button in the top left corner shows the number of new blog posts have been updated given that the last time you freshen the page. This is really various from Google Plus and Facebook prior to the present.

This is great for people who have a lot of pals as well as did not take lengthy to hit brand-new details updates.

The brand-new user interface has two columns. Right pillar post from the individuals you Theo and the left column is the contrary. You will quickly acknowledge it appears like a bit like Pinterest, few people speak like Facebook.

There are also a couple of new features in this box is "View operation on the article" This assists you take care of and connect much better. Allows you to see that has actually commented, +1 or share it. Extremely helpful for any individual that prefers to keep track of the tasks of the short articles.

2. Community Communities

For think about the area, the very same functions Personal Google+ web page. This time performance, Google Plus has not yet upgraded for Community Banner Functions as well as Capability Update post not to mention election pinned blog posts like Facebook, budget friendly Google Relevant Advertisement obstructing Google's income?

3. Web page Photos

The new attributes of imaging devices will help your photo posted to Google+ better and also more sparkling, uncover the brand-new attributes below: https://plus.google.com/photos/whatsnew

New showcases Google photos Google Plus interface plus new as well as remarkable functions

- Backup and also set up all photos
- Found the much more prominent picture
- Picture in attractive compared to ever before
- The amazing brand-new images and also merely produced for you.

4. Google+ Hangout brand-new page:

Google+ Hangouts will change the traditional IM services like Google Talk Google, Google Carrier and Google+ Hangouts video clip chat solution will likewise exist on the 2 mobile system Android and iOS and also web system. 15/05/2013, in San Francisco, USA, opened the conference Google I/ O 2013.

Google Plus interface as well as several new impressions popular attribute. Vic Gundotra revealed some major changes. These adjustments consist of:

The new user interface has two pillars. There are additionally a couple of brand-new attributes in this box is "Sight procedure on the write" This helps you take care of and also interact far better.

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Show Your Google+ Page on Google Search

How to display Google Plus Page on Google Search, that attribute is connected Rel = publisher through Google Page or use Webmaster Tool to verify links on Google Page.

Additionally you can also learn more about how to display images on Google Search Google+ Author

The link to the Google+ Page to your website very useful because:

+ The link to help you connect with your friends, your customers.
+ The link gives Google the information that we can use to help determine the relevancy of your site to the user's query on Google search.
+ Your site will be eligible for Google+ Direct Connect.
+ Links by webmaster

Show Page Google Plus Google Search you need to perform the following steps:

Before you start - you'll need a Google+ Page. If you do not, refer to: How to Create Page Google Plus (Google+). At a minimum you must complete image information with Avatar.
- If you have verified Google Webmaster, After creating Page Google Plus will appear informing you are done just click OK.

If you have not verified by Google Webmaster then follow these steps:
Step 1 - Login Page Google+: Click Introduction => Editing

Website Copy and Paste URL, then click => Save

Step 2 - The link between Page Google+ and your site. You have two options:

Requirements: You are the administrator and to adjust Code

Option A: Add the following code on to section of the site:

< Link rel = "publisher" href = "[page_url]" >

You need to replace [page_url] with biographical URL on your Google+ Page, so linking will be similar to the following:

< Link rel = "publisher" href = "https://plus.google.com/u/0/112903023512058074915" >

Option B: You add a link between 2 tags

Web site

< a href="https://plus.google.com/111656652141598163752" rel="publisher" >

Step 3: Check results

Use the Google tool: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets

Paste the URL you need to check and click the Preview button pulldown other in the same if they have completed a task brilliantly.

It can take several days for Google or collecting data to show on Google Search Google+ Page to your brand, so do not worry if it does not appear immediately.

If you have problems, you can comment any questions I will support. Good luck!
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